Signature sync add-on

Signature sync for Gmail, a Thunderbird add-on

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This extension allows you to easily update signature of selected accounts in Thunderbird with the signature from your Gmail accounts. Syncronization works in one way, your local signatures are overridden by Gmail ones.

In order to sync a signature, go to the settings page, enable an account and connect it with Gmail. Signatures are downloaded on every startup or when you click in settings.

Beta! This is still a beta version. It can work unstable.

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Issues & support

Please report any issue on repo issues. Some help you can find on repo wiki.

Privacy & usage terms

The extension is working just locally on your computer. It doesn’t send any data outside, except of needed requests to Google API. Use it to update your local signatures from Gmail.

You can see more details on Privacy Policy page.

License & external sources

See notes in the repository.

This extension is not made by Google or Thunderbird team. It’s unofficial. Signature icon from Icon8.